Product Sampling


  1. No clean room required for product sampling
    (with use of a sterile connection device)

  2. Syringe quickly delivers precise volume,
    thus no volume guesswork and waste minimization

  3. Easy-to-use designs ensure simple and safe sampling of platelets or stem-cells for cell counting or bacterial testing

  4. 10ml BD™, needle with needle guard, 2 pinch clamps

Order #: HPF 0612

#/Case: 24

Sampling Site Connector


  1. Pinch clamp allows for tubing closure

  2. Unique tubing is chemically inert & very robust

  3. Septum cap allows for optional needle sampling

  4. Allows for cost-effective sampling

  5. Spike pin, female luer lock & injection port, 1 pinch clamp

Order #: HPF 0574

#/Case: 96

DRK Sampling


  1. Allows for sampling & transfer

  2. Spike Pin, needle with needle guard, 1 pinch clamp

Order #: HPF 0889

#/Case: 50

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